Drive innovation, save money and improve clinical success by tapping into the entire cancer models ecosystem.

 Only 3.4% of cancer drugs that start clinical trials make it to market. The lost commercial opportunity is one thing, but the cost to cancer patients is huge. New cancer therapies are simply not reaching the people who need them most. And drugs that should fail earlier are making it to clinic, wasting precious time and money.

3to10 is a series of events with one simple goal: to push clinical success rates for cancer drugs from 3% to 10%.

This is the first of those events: Innovation Cancer Models and Translational Programs.

What does this event deliver?

This event will address the role of innovation in tackling the main roadblocks in drug development head on. These include case studies and discussions on:

  1. Models for IO. The models are not matching the promise of the therapies. Innovation is key.

  2. Translational programs. What would these look like if we started from scratch, and how can we build resource-efficient programs that get us to clinic quickly, armed with the right information?

  3. Innovating out of healthcare. Models are being increasingly used in precision medicine for patients. How can we apply innovation in precision medicine back into pre-clinical development, and vice versa?

  4. Computational/AI approaches. What’s the role of these approaches in minimizing cost and driving translational program efficiency?

  5. 3-D tissue models have the potential to dramatically enhance predictive confidence. Case studies right from the cutting edge in pharma.

  6. Metastatic models. How can we develop better models to understand the effectiveness of cancer therapies and combinations in tackling metastases?

  7. Innovation in model development. What are the forthcoming innovative/new models most likely to make the transition from bleeding to leading-edge? And who’s already leading the way?

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Take-Aways for Attendees

  • Build a more effective and efficient translational program. It’s not just about the model innovation. It’s about integrating innovative approaches into existing programs. How can you build a cost-effective translational program that saves you time and money, and is a genuine asset to your drug company?

  • Benchmark and gather intelligence. Not every company operates with the same resources. Learn how emerging, medium and large drug developers are using models, innovating and tacking the same issues that you’re facing.

  • Complement existing work with data-driven approaches. AI/ML and other data-driven approaches can be used to drive efficiencies and identify new combination/re-purposing opportunities. Find out how you can integrate these approaches into your business.

  • Tap into the entire models ecosystem. There is a desperate need for innovation in this space. Innovation comes from all quarters, including outside of pharma. Develop your network and take lessons from application and development of models in the research and healthcare environments.

  • Understand the patient/healthcare perspective. Learn from the implementation of new models in the clinical environment, including mouse avatars and computational approaches.

 Who is this event for?

The primary purpose of this event is to dramatically improve clinical success rates in drug development, so that patients get access to better, more affordable therapies.

In order to deliver the required change, the entire ecosystem needs to be involved, and will find a lot of value in attending. This includes emerging, medium and large pharma/biotech, research centre’s, academia, healthcare, solution providers, investors and patient organizations.

Price and Accessibility

The cancer models community – including senior people involved in the high-level science – have told us that existing events are too expensive, are repetitive/boring and are not delivering the necessary progress for patients. High prices are restricting progress for patients – a scandal that we are addressing with affordable prices for the entire cancer models community.

To find out more about how we’re addressing this, as well as other improvements to existing events, click here.

Testimonials from our previous events

I interacted with people I would simply not have met at other conferences.
— Princeton University
Cutting edge talks from key opinion leaders and leading scientists.
— NHS England
Innovative, informative and an intellectually invigorating time!
— Novartis



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